September Favorites :)

1 Oct

Hello Lovelies! I know it’s been so long since my last post. I have started grad school and been dealing with all new forms of torture to my body by the ultimate enemy- stress. Now that I finished a bunch of projects that were due, I finally have time to share MY SEPTEMBER FAVES!



Cargo HD Picture-Perfect Mascara

Another great Ipsy gift bag product I got to try. This stuff is like Benefit’s Their Real mascara, but better because it doesn’t dry out nearly as fast, and there’s long combs on 2 sides, and short combs on the other 2 sides. The short combs make it so easy to get up in there on those tiny inner lashes for full coverage. Also I love that the bristles are strong and comb-like because it helps separate my lashes. It’s amazing for layering different mascaras. I’ve been layering it with the one below…


Urban Decay’s Perversion Mascara

“Bigger. Blacker. Badder.” Ok, really? What a PERVERTED tag line! And yet so genius… Anyways, this mascara definitely does what it says. My lashes were instantly suuuuper thick. It also does a good job at lengthening, but I highly recommend keeping another brush on hand (such as the one I mentioned above) to separate clumps. Thicker lashes tend to stick together!


(Image stolen from some random blog via Google)

Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon Eyeliner in Purple/Violet

I never thought I’d see the day when I would revisit the cheapo brand from my naive middle school makeup days, but here I was on a grad school budget and low and behold Wet ‘n’ Wild had a sign saying something along the lines of “New and Improved Softer Formula” and I was sucked in. It was only 99 cents, so what did I have to lose? Let me tell you–get it! First of all, this is my all-time favorite color. When I put it on, it’s dark enough to be mistaken for a darker color, but in the light it turns heads! I wear it to work and have already influenced a coworker and a few customers to purchase their own. The formula is so much more impressive than the rock hard one I remember scratching my eyelids so vividly when I was 12 years old. This will definitely be one of my go-to Fall eyeliners!


Maybelline Define-A-Brow 

This is probably the closest thing in the drugstore to the Anastasia Brow Wiz. And it’s 1/4th of the price! All you have to do is go a shade darker than usual, and it’s a dupe! I went for my usual color at first and it got that lighter than the hair/ colored in look in the light. Once it’s the right shade, BAM. You’re welcome.


Married At First Sight

My boyfriend, Nate doesn’t tolerate reality t.v. (I don’t know how he lives with me), and even he got sucked into this show! It’s probably one of the only true, unscripted reality television shows out there right now. It’s a real social experiment based on science and psychological theories. September has been the most intense as they have been nearing the end of their first month as legally married couples and have to decide on the show if they are going to divorce or remain married for the foreseeable future. 2 out of the 3 couples actually stayed married! Out of however many people tried out for the experiment, I would say that is incredible! I can’t wait for next season to see if the theories stick.


“The Last Anniversary” by Liane Moriarty

You’re all probably so sick of me recommending this author but I CAN’T GET ENOUGH! This book is my second or third favorite after “The Hypnotist’s Love Story.” This story is about a woman in her late thirties who unexpectedly inherits her ex boyfriend’s late aunt’s house. She gets wrapped into helping run their family business of maintaining a mystery tourist attraction and indubitably gets involved in the family secrets and drama. It’s one of those books that I enjoyed and I know my mom would too. When it was ending, I wanted more!


The Dodgers!

I’ll admit it- Nate got me hooked. But it’s such an exciting season, and going to the games is so much fun! I’m so excited that Kershaw is going to be a daddy. It’s going to be like the royal baby of baseball. This Saturday I’ll be going to my 5th(?) game this season. Playoffs, baby!


Carl Jung

AKA my psychologist soulmate. I just did a big presentation on him and I’ve got to say he’s a genius. Though he had weird beliefs about Hitler and women, there are so many synchronicities about my life and him that is so crazy! (Even the fact that he developed the theory of synchronicity and it’s something that I’ve believed in most of my life, I just called it “fate”). First of all, my love for psychology started when I was interested in dreams at age 10. Turns out all my old dream books referenced him. Then, he married a woman named Emma, HELLO! Also he developed the personality types that were later merged into the Myers-Briggs test. I wouldn’t even be in this masters program if I didn’t look up what professions an INFJ should have when I was miserable in PR!  And lastly, he kind of looks like Nate’s dad. Not sure how that relates, but I take it as a sign of something!

In’s & Out’s

1 Sep

Welp, I’ve been in graduate school for less than 1 week and I’m already super overwhelmed not only with the workload, but with financial stress as well. I’m about halfway through reading the 100 pages of boring research articles  I had set out for today and realized that I have not blogged in quite some time. I decided to utilize my little break to give an update.


- Nate’s birthday month! It’s been such a blast doing all this fun stuff. We’ve wine tasted in Paso Robles, gone to a Dodger game, had a big BBQ party with all of our friends, went to a Paramore and Fall Out Boy concert,multiple family gathering celebrations, the list goes on.

-Let’s stay on the topic of Nate. He’s amazing. Especially lately with all that has been going on.

-Central A/C. Can’t be thankful enough these days.

-Finally started the journey of graduate school! Already counting down to when I’ll be out and a psychologist!

-The jacuzzi in my building. I’ve actually started to put it to use and it’s helped with my knees tremendously. Ever since I’ve started working manual labor, I’ve turned into an old rickety lady.

-Nate’s work has moved to Sherman Oaks! No more commuting for him, and no more super late dinner! Also maybe some midweek lunches!

- Actually really enjoying the new Ed Sheeran EP. Am I the only one that misses the singer/songwriter era?!

-Smokey brown/golden eye makeup. It’s a nice break from the glam cat eye. A more soft beachy vibe.

-Not to disregard the last bullet, but Benefit’s new “They’re Real” Push-up Eyeliner Pen is AMAZING for a quick and concise cat eye.

-Pretty Little Liars. HOLY COW it’s gotten good again. But 2 more seasons? Come on. I’m getting old here.



-Hourly pay. Not only that but after taxes, it makes me want to cry. Nothing is more frustrating than the fact that I work my butt off for a paycheck that doesn’t even cover my rent, serving people who have nothing better to do than give me problems because they are mentally ill and don’t have to go to work because they are getting more money than I get paid in disability or unemployment. And isn’t it ironic that I am in school to eventually help them?! Not to mention that the tax money that gets taken away from me goes to them too. ANYWAYS…

-Homework ruins the concept of a day off.

-Bell peppers. WHY DO YOU HATE ME NOW

-PMS. I thought it didn’t exist until recently. Joke’s on me.

New Favorite Lip Gloss | NYX’s “Merengue Merengue”

8 Aug


I received a few NYX butter glosses in my IPSY goodies and the shade “Meregue Merengue” has gotten so many compliments that I had to post about it! It’s the perfect light purpley pink to look unique but not completely turn heads. I think it looks great with a tan (in this picture I’m not wearing any makeup- hence the extreme paleness.) The formula is pretty opaque, so I just have to make sure that the coat is even. It is super buttery and surprisingly non-sticky! Definitely recommend :)

The “Grad School Budget”

1 Aug

I decided to blog my feelings as they come, so forgive me if this sounds like I’m not making any sense.. I’ve been prepped for “the college budget” earlier on, but no one ever warned me about “the grad school budget.” It’s like the world is saying “Sorry, you won’t have enough time for a full-time job what with all of the classes, homework, and internships, so welcome back to your high school work hours with minimum wage because you aren’t here enough to prove that you are better than the average worker. Also, let’s add in the responsibilities of rent, utilities, other bills you have not had to pay for in the past because you were able to piggyback onto your parents’ health coverage and now you are at the expected age to be able to afford it on your own. And you SHOULD be able to afford it on your own by this age. How long must your parents wait to retire because YOU decided that you wanted to do something? Supporting you well into your 20’s was not in their plan when they decided to bring you into the world. Not to mention, you are older now and need to dress accordingly with more respectable- thus more expensive clothes, and just meeting your friends will not suffice for a worthy friendship unless there are lavish brunches and alcohol involved. All the while, you need to pay for said grad school, or else you’re screwed with school debt when you leave and won’t be able to afford the future you have always wanted for an additional few decades.”

“Sorry future children, mom’s an old toad because she couldn’t afford to have you earlier in life. See, she wanted to be successful and follow her dreams so that she doesn’t end up with a miserable job, but it turns out the whole process is miserable as she prays every month that some kind family member will take pity on her situation or she will come into some kind of lucky jackpot to get her through the next few months. But at the same time she knows she is fortunate as hell to even have the support system and resources that she does because if she were one of those unfortunate public schooled children who had to rely on the government from the start, it didn’t matter if her dream was to become a doctor or help people, she would be shit out of luck to even attend grad school unless she would be willing to spend the rest of her life paying a huge chunk of her earnings back.”

The current generation is not set up to succeed. If one decides to follow an educational path that calls for school after college, they are screwed unless they come from a family that can afford to fully support the individual through school. It is unfortunate because if we were to one day only have doctors that came from such fortune, there would essentially be no empathy or compassion from past experiences and earlier on in life, as they have only been privileged and lack a sort of identification with the people they are helping.

I probably will not keep this post up long, as I do not want this to turn into some kind of political argument. That being said, if anyone knows of any jobs with flexible hours and good pay that I can pursue to help me “beat the system” and come out with my head above water as I am going through school, it would be much appreciated.


Book Review | Before I Fall By Lauren Oliver

23 Jul


It wasn’t until I was trying to find a picture of “Before I Fall” that I realized the author, Lauren Oliver is the same author of the Delirium trilogy. Looking back, I think that the voices in the trilogy compared to this book seem completely different, so you go, Lauren Oliver (“You go Glenn Coco”- Sorry I’m in a weird mood). “Before I Fall” is about a girl who is “popular” in high school and dies in a car accident her senior year. I quoted “popular” because after she dies, she relives her last day seven times and realizes that even though she was “popular,” she did some very uncool things. Throughout reliving her last day, she figures out how intertwined everything is- think The Butterfly Effect, and how even the most subtle details can save or ruin someone’s life. I definitely recommend this book for high schoolers as a cautionary tale or lesson, but seeing as I am a bit more mature now I could see the predictability of it. I did enjoy reading the main character’s inner monologues about the way things are in high school and how to get by without “committing social suicide” (another Mean Girls reference- do I need to watch that now?). Oh the memories it brought back. The ones I would never want to relive, let alone seven times.

Quick Knit/Crochet Project | Koozies!

17 Jul

Koozies have been my go-to quick crochet project for host/ hostess gifts, present toppers, etc. They only take 30 min-2 hours depending if I knit or crochet, the yarn, hook size, etc. Every single one I have eye-balled the size and wrapped it around beer cans or bottles to get the exact chain numbers. If it’s too small, it stretches. If it’s too big, it can be loose or go around cups, whatever. It’s something that shows thought, yet you don’t have to spend money (if you have extra yarn laying around like me).

#bleedblue yo

#bleedblue yo

Here is one that I made for a friend of Nate and mine that is moving from LA to Montana. Attending Dodger games and discussions about the team over beers have been a big part of our friendship. I decided to make it the home uniform colors of blue on white to remind him that LA is always his home! I don’t usually embroider my koozies, but the LA symbol didn’t look hard. FYI if you are a perfectionist about details like me, it takes about 2 hours all together, and it was pretty hard to double up over the symbol and avoid white yarn stripes through the symbol.  It turned out pretty good though!

4th of July Weekend | Adventure to NY & CT

11 Jul

Hello Everyone!

Guess what?! Summer school is OVER!!!! I’m free! and most importantly- I PASSED! Watch out grad school I’m coming for ya! I’m writing this blog in my apartment around noon on a Friday. Who would’ve thought I would be here a year ago?!


This past 4th of July weekend, Nate and I took a trip to the east coast to attend our friends, Jamie and Juan’s wedding nuptials. We have known them a few years now, originally through Nate’s work networking with music.

The first stop was NYC because, come on, if you’re going to the east coast you need to go there at least for a little bit. Don’t get me started on the flight there. It was the week before finals and I had to do online stats homework and a quiz. The person in front of me decided to put her seat back- thus squishing my computer closer to me and partially closed. She then continued to reach back and close my window, making it dark. After her nap, she decided to stretch her arms back, causing her fingers to dangle in my face while I was trying to focus on my laptop screen. So rude! Anyways, I managed to get my work done in 4 hours and I ended up passing the class, so it was work the $40 for internet and torturous plane ride.


Our friend, Tanya was nice enough to let us stay in her apartment while she was out of town. The view of the city from her shower window was AMAZING. I think I saw the Empire State Building- or else it was the other one that looked similar to it. We flew in on the night of the 3rd, so after eating at a BBQ place down the street (leave it to us to want Western food after coming from the west coast), we pretty much just strolled around the city and went straight to bed.

The next morning, I was up around 7:30 a.m. EST, which makes no sense since I was coming from PST. But nonetheless I was up and ready to explore! We managed to have breakfast and walk all the way from Gramercy to Central Park.


Central Park!


Loved the detail on this building

Let’s not talk about the humidity’s relationship with my hair.

After a walk around, it started to rain. Nate was able to navigate us to a train to take us back downtown. Here’s us in the metro almost lost.. almost.


We ducked into a bar for lunch and beer (and more beer) while we waited for it to calm down. A World Cup game was on and it was fun being around people in the bar who were so stoked about it. We had to head back to Tanya’s for our luggage that evening for an 8pm train ride to Hartford, Connecticut. It was 20 hours in NYC, but it was worth it! Since it was the 4th of July, the city was so peaceful! Here is a pic of our view leaving the city. It was kind of romantic being in an empty train on 4th of July night seeing all the firework shows between the cities.


My first impression of Connecticut…NO UBERS! What?! And the taxi’s didn’t take cards- the only form of money we had by that time. We ended up waiting “12 minutes” for the closest Uber. Which ended up being closer to an hour. The Uber driver ended up trying to scam us. If he wasn’t scamming us, it sure seemed like it. Our destination was only a mile away and he passed it by 3 miles, talking  to us like we were really enjoying hearing about how we need to visit Morocco. Not cool, man. After Nate’s review, Uber contacted us by morning with our extra fare reimbursed with another $5 credit. You go, Uber! Great company.

The next day was wedding day! Nate and I slept in, had breakfast in the hotel, and started getting ready! OR rather I got ready while he threw on his clothes and watched Hitch in bed. Why do men have it so much easier?

The ceremony was in the first ever rose garden only feet away from Jamie and Juan’s first date. Aw! It was so sweet too, but I won’t embarrass them on here :) Here’s a shot I snuck in of the ceremony. So pretty and no need to decorate! Flower gardens are genius.



I can’t begin to describe how cool the reception was! The time and thought it took to put it all together clearly showed and it was such a great experience for everyone! It was in Juan’s family’s backyard in a beautiful neighborhood.

I love that they used black candles with bright flowers. It's unique and very much like them!

I love that they used black candles with bright flowers. It’s unique and very much like them!


They had a FERRIS WHEEL.

Artsy view of the ferris wheel from the bar that I snagged from instagram :)

Artsy view of the ferris wheel from the bar that I snagged from instagram :)

Us on top!

Us on top!


After our first drink

After our first drink


After a few dranks

And JUMBO JANGA. And CORN HOLE. And HORSE SHOE TOSS. And FIREWORKS. (not just their own personal show, but all the neighbors were shooting off their leftovers from the 4th of July. Apparently their firework laws are a lot laid back in CT. Such a cool experience)


Truly a fairytale wedding! (another pic snagged from a more artsy attendee on instagram)

Jamie and Juan’s first dance was so cute! I love watching the first dance. The way the couple interacts during it says a lot about the couple to me. (Of course being a psy major I tend to over analyze everything.)


HOW CUTE ARE THESE CAKE TOPPERS!! It looks just like them and their poodle baby, Maggie. I don’t know how I didn’t end up with pics of Maggie. She was the ring bearer!


Unlike the other weddings we’ve attended, these people know how to party! It was still bumping around 10:30 p.m. when our shuttle took us back to the hotel. We had to get to the airport at 7am :( Needless to say we needed the D before we headed back to LA.


It was a very quick, eventful weekend, and I’m so glad I went! Good thing I didn’t have work the rest of the week. After finals on Tuesday, I got to shamelessly sleep. That’s why it’s taken me a while to post this!





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