L’Oreal Extraordinaire Gel-Laque 1-2-3 Review

Loreal-Extraodinaire-After-4-days-wearloreal gel

I know I’ve done this review before where I talk about how awesome this line is and how it’s easy on your nails, yet the same durability/ look as gel polish. I got a new color, “Absolutely Timeless.” This is the perfect shell/pinky beige nude color. The only thing is that it went on so sheer! I had to put on 3-4 coats to get the look in this picture. Once you have it on and dry, it is beautiful! You just have to have a lot of time and patience to layer it up. My suggestion is if you use this line to go with a darker color for a more opaque application.  Unless you are like me and HAD to have this color ;)


Netflix Recommendation | The Other F Word


I’m sure every one knows about Blackfish, the documentary on the killer whales at Sea World (if not, you better watch it ASAP!).

I found myself in a conversation with my friend about it and naturally it led to more Netflix documentaries to watch. He told Nate and me that we had to check out “The Other F Word.” This is about punk rocker band guys who are now past their prime and have children.


It is interesting because you never think about how after the 90′s/2000′s, they still have to keep their image and ego up even though they aren’t the rambunctious guys from their late teens/20′s. They all still have to wear the punk clothes, have the tattoos and the crazy hair, and party on stage. They still have to endure the tours, buses, crappy food, and lack of sleep. It’s all for the same amount of money. These guys have to keep working to provide for their families. They have to live with alter-ego’s where they are Ward Cleaver at home with their families, and then rockstar badasses on the road- guys who they wouldn’t want their daughters to be around.



I was deeply moved by this documentary. It puts things in perspective. Nate used to be a touring musician, and it makes me a little glad that he found a better path. I don’t know what I would do if he was out of town 265 days out of the year and enduring those conditions.

Thanks Kellen for the recommendation!

Keeping My Chin Up

I’ve been dealing with another depression spell lately, and I decided to update you all on what I’ve been up to/ think of all the positive things that have been going on.

steel panther

I got to attend Steel Panther’s album release party last week at the Rainbow Bar and Grill. I’ve never been upstairs before. It’s such a classic, old Hollywood spot. Just another perk of having a bf in the biz *hand flop*. I enjoyed it/felt like I was back in the 80′s. This is a picture I took with my favorite band member. He had his name in rhinestones on the butt of his leather pants. Switch lives with me?


Nate and I finally got to see a Dodger game this year! I got him tickets to opening weekend against the Giants for Valentine’s Day. The new Ramirez and Gonzales shirts that I bought were a little big, so Nate wore mine, and I wore his old Kemp one. How cute are we sharing clothes?!

mexicanWe made a whole day of it. The game started at 5:00 p.m., but we were downtown for lunch at this awesome Mexican restaurant (have I mentioned that is my favorite kind of food?!). I had a lime-jalepeno margarita. Not only was it fun but we got a clutch parking spot and had a nice walk up the hill to take away some of our food/drinking guilt.

Obligatory tall-boy selfie. Those things are like $15

Obligatory tall-boy selfie. Those things are like $15

Needless to say that we will need to attend more games this year because Time Warner screwed us DIrecTv-ers over! Grr.. WAIT I must stay positive..


Who is this cutie? My brother, AJ’s cat-son, Lynx. I got to take care of him while AJ was at Coachella. He’s cool. He has like 30 toes.


Speaking of toes… I had to post this cute moment of Milo :)

Book Review | The Theory of Opposites by Allison Winn Scotch

The Theory of Opposites by Allison Winn Scotch

I just finished “The Theory of Opposites” by Allison Winn Scotch on my Kindle. It was a very quick read. Some of it was very predictable, but it was so relatable that I wanted to hold the protagonist’s hand throughout the whole thing. When her heart was torn, I felt her pain. This book is about a girl-woman who has grown up as the middle child that was supposed to be a boy. Her father was a renowned motivational speaker- think Tony Robinson-esque- and she finally realizes that maybe he isn’t right about everything. This book is about her being thrown into an unexpected place in life with her husband, job, life in general, and deciding how she wants to live her life- her way, not how her father says it should be. I was pretty entertained and would recommend the book, especially if you think that your life sucks. Because it can’t get much worse that what this chick had to go through.

Book Review | Second Star to the Right by Mary Alice Monroe


I recently just finished reading “Second Star to the Right” by Mary Alice Monroe on my Kindle. It’s about a single mom and her two kids moving to London in order to escape her kidnapping ex-husband and get back into her advertising career. They end up staying in the Darlings’ house with “crazy Wendy” living upstairs. Wendy is an old lady now. The book goes through the growth of the family, their faith/belief in Peter Pan, and the romance of the mom and her neighbor. Such a sweet book. I really enjoyed reading it before bedtime. Peter Pan was always my favorite childhood movie/story, and this book brought me back in an adult way. To be clear, this IS a book for adults! I recommend for light reading :)

Shenanigans in Irvine/ I Promise We Aren’t Alcoholics

This past weekend was my cousin’s big wedding. It was finally here!

My Saturday started off with a trip to The DryBar at 8:15 a.m. It was my first time and I had a gift certificate from Christmas. It was fun, I just don’t think I would pay for it myself. My hair didn’t really hold the glamorous look, and I could probably do it myself. It was a fun experience being pampered though. I loved the hair dryer chandelier.

photo 1

Though it was early, The DryBar gave me a big mimosa. How could I turn it down? They were playing Dirty Dancing too. The day was off to a nice start.

At 9:30 a.m. we picked up my brother A.J. and made our way over to Irvine (with a stop at Starbucks first, duh)

photo 2Irvine was gorgeous. I wish we could have been there another day to go to the beach or something.

We ate lunch at Red O with my parents and I tried OYSTERS for the first time. It wasn’t bad…nothing I would crave, but it was interesting. I felt like a badass.

photo 3At one point that day, my family decided they wanted to buy Blanton’s whiskey (because apparently it’s my parents’ latest obsession) and pregame to the wedding/smuggle it in- there were rumors that there would be limited to no alcohol.

We packed into one car and drove around calling liquor stores for about 20 mins. Then my mom and I needed to start getting ready for the wedding. Nate and A.J. decided to bust a mission and get it.


Remember this bottle, because it is probably the best whiskey I’ve ever had. It’s like 93% proof and goes down sooo smoothly.

We had a nice drank before leaving for the ceremony at Strawberry Farms.

IMG_2409Isn’t it cute?! God I cried so much. I didn’t even expect too. The vows were the sweetest and probably made everyone in attendance jealous of their love. Little Brian is all grown up and married now :(

photo 4Left: Aunt Dori, A.J., Me (my hair looked pretty good, I won’t lie), Nate, Mom (note her leg makeup- she looks so much tanner than me!), Steve

These sexy babies are what I wore under my dress…

spanxIt was my first time wearing spanx. and probably my last. After I ate the dinner and felt full, I had to run to the bathroom and go commando the rest of the night. It’s ironic because the wedding guests were all devout Christians. Guess it’s our little secret now! ;)


I loved their simplistic decor. It was so romantic.

About halfway through the speeches, my parents decided the alcohol quality was not that great. Turned out that my Aunt Dori happened to smuggle in a bottle of wine (she had also heard the rumor about alcohol possibly not being there). They almost got through the whole bottle before it got confiscated. Such rebels. I just stuck with my Stella Artois on tap. Turns out it was an open bar after all :)

How perfect is this wedding cake?!? My uncle made it! It was amaze-balls. Banana with cream cheese frosting, and then chocolate with butter cream. I really dig the cake topper too.


Then due to my drinking since 8:15 a.m., I was corpse-like around 10:00 p.m. So much for wanting an after party with my fam. We all crashed back at the hotel. The next morning Nate, A.J. and I piled back in the car and went straight home (after another stop at Starbucks). I had to get back to this little man <3


Positive Psychology on the Radio


I’ve noticed that there are a lot of positive songs on the radio lately. “The Best Day of My Life,” “Let It Go,” “Counting Stars,” “Roar,” etc. This is probably really good for everyone who commutes in traffic every day. It probably relieves a lot of stress and builds confidence before facing the work day. However, that Pharrell Williams song “Happy” is a little brainwash-y. I liked it at first when it was on http://www.24hoursofhappy.com and it didn’t have a beginning or end. It was like a background groovey song. Then when it came on the radio and the masses got a listen, it became a weird “senna-like” (catch that “Brave New World” reference?!) anthem that gets played every few minutes on the radio. Needless to say I’m over it. I feel like I might as well be in a weird Divergent type of reality when I find it on 3 radio stations at the same time when I channel surf. Are we ho-hum zombies now? Over it!